Foreign Expats in Sofia, Bulgaria – How to find the right accommodation?

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Whether you are moving to Sofia for a short or a long term, sorting out your accommodation may be stressful if you have to do it all by yourself.  You must consider the purpose of your stay, the price range for rent and utilities you can afford, the location, and what not. Here’s a short guide that may help you find the right accommodation easily: Hotels Advantages: That’s always the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when planning...

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How to Overcome Culture Shock in Bulgaria – Thoughts from an Advertising Company

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In the article “Foreign Expats in Bulgaria – What You Need to Know Part II”, we have lightly touched the topic about culture shock – that culture shock cannot be overcome without the right mindset. We are now going to jump into deeper details in hopes you will apply the discussed and overcome the culture shock – once and for all. [h2]What Is Culture Shock?[2]   Culture shock is defined as “the feeling of disorientation experienced...

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Sofia City Guide (Part II)

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Raketa Rakia Bar Address: Qnko Sakuzov 17 Blvd. “Raketa” means “rocket” and “rakia” is a home-produced fruit brandy quite popular on the Balkans. Many Bulgarian households still produce it at home. Rakia is very strong (usually around 50%) but Bulgarians love it and often make jokes about people overdrinking it. Raketa Rakia Bar is a popular restaurant lightly off the center of Sofia, right behind Zaimov park.  If you are into...

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Sofia City Guide (Part I)

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Visiting a foreign country could be one of the most controversial experiences you could ever have. While it could be a refreshing and mind-opening time, it could also be frustrating and disappointing. The most you could do is research the place you are going to prior to your arrival – the rest is pure luck. Let’s say you are not one of those people who rely entirely on their luck to have a good time and you do your homework of...

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Co-working Spaces in Sofia

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Apparently, the time of launching new businesses from your kitchen table or from coffee shops is old-school already. Expensive art pieces, gourmet cafeterias and cocktail parties are no longer a luxury offered only at big corporate offices. Coworking spaces are the trend now where entrepreneurs all over the world can enjoy such and even better amenities. In fact, these places are turning into something more than just a “coworking” space....

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