IT&technicalOur English-to-Bulgarian and Balkan language IT and technical translation services guarantee the accuracy and consistency that the nature of the industries demands.  We know that only 100% accuracy is acceptable to ensure that your business is taken seriously and maintains its reputation.

To be able to satisfy your company’s needs and expectations our translators have both industry-specific expertise, technical vocabulary and the necessary translation skills and experience. Working with NN Translations you can be confident that your material is precise and conveys the exact meaning you need it to.

Our translators are always meticulous, insisting on exact meaning for words in both English and all Balkan languages and working with attention both to detail and specific style of your technical document.

We cover a broad range of IT and technical materials that cover:

  • English-to-Bulgarian and Balkan language translation of IT, software and hardware
  • English-to-Bulgarian and Balkan language translation of information for telecommunications and networking
  • English-to-Bulgarian and Balkan language translation of agricultural documents and products
  • English-to-Bulgarian and Balkan language translation of medical equipment and systems
  • English-to-Bulgarian and Balkan language translation of health and safety documents
  • English-to-Bulgarian and Balkan language translation of handbook manuals

Using technology for greater efficiency

Our professional translators always work with CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools to produce work that is consistent with regard to the terminology and the formatting. We have invested in the latest technology and the most advanced versions of translation software to guarantee the best possible work for your company.

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